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The global discussion platform—Open Innovations Forum—is dedicated to emerging technologies and furthering innovation prospects and collaboration worldwide.

Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China will be an honorable guest at the “Open Innovations” Forum 2014.
  • 18th regular meeting between the heads of the Russian and Chinese governments. Photo from the official website of the Russian Government.Photo from the official website of the Russian Government
    18th regular meeting between the heads of the Russian and Chinese

Welcome to the 2014 Open Innovations Forum!

In its first three years, Open Innovations has established itself as a leading forum for representatives of the scientific and expert community, business and government to discuss global trends in economic development and share their experience working on ground-breaking ideas and business ventures.

The challenge for Russia today is to become an economy and a country driven by innovation. We are committed to taking new approaches in all spheres and working to modernise Russian industry and agriculture in order to attract private investment and promote greater international cooperation. Last year’s forum welcomed France and Finland as partner countries. This year, Open Innovations is being held in partnership with the People’s Republic of China, and I hope this meeting of our academic and business communities will serve to deepen cooperation between our countries.

I am sure that this year’s forum will be marked by the same interesting discussions, networking opportunities and business success as years past. Welcome, friends.

Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian FederationDmitry Medvedev
Prime Minister of the Russian Federation


Prime Ministers of Russian Federation, Finland and France were the Guest of Honor of the “Open Innovations” Forum 2013. In the first day of the event Dmitry Medvedev, Jyrki Katainen and Jean-Marc Ayrault met with the innovation, entrepreneur and scientific community representatives, as well as with the “100 Innovators” project participants and took part at the “Proven State Leadership Strategies in a Hyper-Connected World” plenary session.

Forum Program
Open Innovations


Key Theme of the ForumCreative Disruption:
Staying Competitive
in the 21st Century

Today’s rapid pace of technological change is altering the structure of global markets across sectors and disciplines affecting the traditional rules of business. Innovative approach is the key driver of growth. It is what drives societies forward. Collaboration of government, business, educational, scientific and research institutions fosters and supports the development and sustainability of innovation. Effective development in this area depends on the youth involved in these processes, as well as support programs for the start-up communities development.

«Open Innovations» Forum examines all aspects of the disruptive technologies evolution in order to explore common challenges, best practices, solutions and ideas for creation of innovative business. Annually, Forum provides global and Russian communities with an opportunity to learn more about the trends in the development of the global innovation market from the leading scientists, politicians, business representatives, including young entrepreneurs who are about to start a new business.

We invite breakthrough thinkers, dreamers, and game-changers to join us October 14–16, 2014 in Moscow to explore the next wave of technological trends and its impact on the global economy.

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Arkady Dvorkovich
Deputy Prime Minister,
Chairman of the Open Innovations Forum Organizing Committee
Technological disruption happens when faster, simpler, cheaper inventions threaten market leaders. Innovations allow creativity to flourish in ways never before thought possible, while the speed of technological change has never been greater. With the creative disruption of markets, startups and established companies are vying to create tomorrow’s businesses and shape a better society. In the transition to a new level of development, established business markets must implement new strategies rapidly to remain competitive.

The focus of the Forum is to unlock the best practices of creative markets disruption, restructuring, and reconfiguration. It is also to understand the impact of this process in different technical areas and in the global ecosystem of innovation. The Forum seeks to answer the tough questions:

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Open Innovations Forum is organized by leading Russian development institutions and the Government of Moscow, with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation. This event unites representatives of business, policy, science and education to gain a holistic perspective, exchange ideas and to grasp today’s critical global innovation trends.
October 14–16, 2014Technopolis Moscow, Russia